• Colossuscoin Cryptocurrency

    Colossuscoin is a decentralized, open-source peer-to-peer (P2P) energy-efficient Internet currency that enablesfast instant payments to anyone in the world with almost no fees. It runs off the popular scrypt protocolwhich gives it unmatched stability and easy accessibility.
  • Colossuscoin is Secure

    Colossuscoin provides an amazing list of security features. Wallet encryption allows you to secure your wallet,so that you can view transactions and your account balance.
  • Colossuscoin is Fast

    Transactions are fully confirmed in minutes. Transfer money to your friends and family instantly within moments.This allows the network to function at optimal efficiency and guarantee steady transaction processing.
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Colossuscoin2.0 is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant payments to anyone in the world.  Colossuscoin2's proof-of-stake system was developed to address the high energy consumption of Bitcoin. The Colossuscoin2.0 network is scheduled to produce 21 billion currency units.

Secure transactions

ColossusCoin uses public-key cryptography,
in which a pair of a public and a private cryptographic key is generated. The core network is maintained by coin holders and the proof-of-stake algorithm reduces the risk of 51% attacks.

Energy and Cost Efficiency

Colossuscoin use Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm and hit the PoS only stage. PoS is a highly energy efficient method of securing a coin's block chain. PoS mining does not require the intense computing to secure the block chain, it instead requires a small amount of CPU power, and some coins, to create new blocks within the network.

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ColossusCoin2.0 CV2 - the future of payment methods!

Colossuscoin relaunch - Colossuscoin2.0 Client has been launched
on: February 08, 2015, UTC 09:00 PM

See more: https://colossuscoin.org/index.php/ann


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Colossuscoin - a long-term energy-efficient Crypto-Currency

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Colossuscoin is an environmentally friendly, peer to peer digital currency.
Due to its "Proof of Stake" concept, the energy waste of mining is needless.


ColossusCoin gets your transactions done with ease.


Colossuscoin is the first hybrid PoW/PoS altcoin to hit the Proof of Stake only stage. Colossuscoin is unmineable and new coins will only be created by the Proof of Stake algorithm.

The Colossuscoin Foundation

  • The Foundation

    The Colossuscoin Foundation helping to advance and promote Colossuscoin adoption. Colossuscointalk and its members work together to create a strengthened platform and improved Colossuscoin Foundation Our leadership team strongly believes in the future and success of Colossuscoin. We are working hard behind the scenes improving all areas of the foundation. A bright future lays before us, full of potential and challenges. imageThe Colossuscoin Development Team
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Fund Colossuscoin2

We are now accepting donations towards the Colossuscoin2 Development and Web Fund:

Bitcoin Project Donation Address: 1DBvm9Q2xN9CS87jKKC4EqFL67WHWUwtFX (BTC Address Ledger)
Litecoin Project Donation Address: LRo8sKP8eKbBiqA71hNzVqdicLZRBQptj7 (LTC Address Ledger)
Colossuscoin2.0 [CV2] Development Fund Donation Address: CbosaSFpp8AMvoB9wXMeaXuBc1yNSFz3Ba (CV2 Address Ledger)